Between A Rock and A Hard Place

…this old metaphor takes on a whole new, and not at all metaphorical, meaning for canyoneer Aron Ralston. Now a film from director Danny Boyle ( Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) starring James Franco, 127 Hours is an unforgettable story about the power of the human mind, and the will to live. The book originally published as Between A Rock and A Hard Place back in 2005 Aron Ralston’s biography is fascinating and personable. As most of you will now know, Ralston gets stuck in a canyon with a large rock crushing one hand against the canyon wall. With very limited food and water, the longer he stays there the harder it is to be rational. In the book, the practical voice in his head delivers instructions in italics. The battle to ‘not lose it’ becomes harder and harder and you are with him, egging him on, every step of the way.

Despite the fact that the book (and the movie) take place predominantly in one spot, neither pass slowly or are even remotely boring; I highly recommend both.

If you’ve ever asked yourself at what point will a human being cut off a limb to survive, and I know you have…, 127 Hours holds the long-awaited answer! The movie is a little more full on than the book, the carefully thought out style and…musical accompaniment has the entire cinema flinching and conflicted by wanting so badly for Ralston to succed and a desire to look away from the grotesqueness of whats infront of you.

So… The book; Ralston writes well and the story, his story, drags you in. A fascinating real life novel that gives you slightly more insight into his thought process than you can get in a film.

The film; James Franco is phenomenal… he does an amazing job of portraying the internal struggle that can be spelt out in the book… though if you’re squemish at the sight of blood it might be best to wait for DVD…



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