I Am Number Four


by Pittacus Lore

rrp $16.95

We told you about this excellent novel late last year, but as it is being released as a film in a few weeks (trailer below) we thought we’d refresh your memory!

I Am Number Four is a brilliant teen fiction novel in the fantasy and sci-fi genre that teens of all ages will love and be enthralled by.  It tells the story of nine aliens who flee their home planet of Lorien when it is is attacked by the evil Mogadorian.  They take refuge on planet earth and one of them, John, hides in small-town Ohio as a regular high school student.  But the enemy has found the nine escapees and starts hunting them down, one by one.  Number One was killed in Malaysia, number Two was murdered in England, number Three was hunted down in Kenya.  John is number Four, and is running out of time…

There is still time to read this action-packed read before it hits the big screen in a few weeks.

Look out for the sequel, The Power of Six, coming later in the year.


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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