The Maze Runner

When Thomas wakes up in a strange dark place, that’s all he can remember – Thomas. He doesn’t remember his last name, how old he is or the faces of any of the people he must once have loved. When the doors finally open, Thomas finds himself in an impossible place. Forbidden to ask questions, Thomas has to figure out the Glade by himself. Why are they here, why does Gally hate him so much, what on earth are Grievers and how can the Glade be both familiar and foreign at the same time? Most mysterious of all, why does Thomas want, need, to be a maze runner? That awful thing that lies outside the walls that move is treacherous, deadly, but Thomas is pulled to it like nothing else…

With all the intrigue of The Hunger Games, James Dashner’s new series will keep you guessing until the very end. Check out the book trailer below.

The first book, The Maze Runner (PB $17), is available instore now. The second installment, The Scorch Trials, is forthcoming.


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Filed under Tweens (11-14 years), Young Adult (14+)

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