Our Australian Girl: Historical fiction for young girls

I was quite excited to see this new series for girls coming from Penguin.  Publishing goes in cycles, and of late there hasn’t been a huge amount of new Australian stories for younger girls, which is why Billie B Brown has been so successful.  This new series, the first books of which will be available in February 2011, so sorry, not in time for Xmas this year, is historically based, and is for girls aged 7 or 8 up.

There are four characters, each set in a different time period:

Grace is a convict girl and her stories start in 1808 and are written by Sofie Laguna

Letty is a free settler and her time starts in 1841 and are written by Alison Lloyd

Poppy is a gold rush girl and her stories start in 1864 and are written by Gabrielle Wang

Rose is a Federation girl, so her stories start in 1900 and are written by Sherryl Clark

Throughout 2011 there will be 4 books about each of the characters and two more each in 2012

They will be illustrated by Lucia Masciullo and will cost $14.95

We are really looking forward to these books, and will review them as they become available next year.


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