Holiday reading: Rescue by Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve hit the big time as an author some years ago with The Pilot’s Wife. Since then she has regularly written novels which appeal to a wide range of  (mostly) women.  For a while she lost me with some historical novels, which I didn’t enjoy, so it’s been a few years  since I’d read one of her books.  Just released is Rescue and having read it,  I can recommend the book if you are after a good story about people just trying to do the best they can in their lives.

The story starts with Webster a rookie paramedic who attends a car accident where the young female driver is injured, having been driving while drunk.  While he knows it isn’t a great idea, Webster is drawn to Sheila, and a relationship develops. They have a daughter and marry.  But  Sheila’s old habits reappear, and there is a showdown.  The story then goes forward to the last year of their daughter’s school life, and Webster seeks out Sheila again.

The characters are sympathetic and realistic and make for an enjoyable holiday read.  Paperback $33


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