The Fleurville Trilogy

Recently translated from the original French, The Fleurville Trilogy has the kind of charm only the French can manage. The trilogy follows the adventures of Sophie, a little girl who used to be naughty but has since become good. Each chapter is almost a short story in itself, making for perfect bedtime reading. And the pretty covers make this trilogy a brilliant Christmas gift.

All three titles in Countess de Segur’s trilogy are now available instore – Sophie’s Misfortunes, Camille and Madeleine, and The Holidays (all PB $17).

Recommended for girls 7-10.



Filed under Junior Readers (8-11 years)

2 responses to “The Fleurville Trilogy

  1. Mamma Mia

    I would be inclined to read these before giving them to my children. They have tremendous shelf appeal, but the content in parts is not for anyone under age 10 unless your young reader is particularly discerning. The first book is the one to be most wary of (Sophie is a willfull brat, but she is also an orphan), and the third in the trilogy is fantastic (includes Sophie and the children have all grown a little older as more memebers join the family and a long lost father returns home). The second book is somewhere in the middle (pardon the pun, and it covers the life and times of two sisters who welcome a young girl and her mother into the house after they suffer a bloody carriage accident outside their home).
    Cute and real history lesson that is certainly worth a look-in.

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