Orphan of Destiny

After outmanoeuvring the evil Sir Hugh in France, Tristan, Robard and Maryam continue their quest to deliver the most sacred Christian relic of all time, the Holy Grail, to safety. They return to Dover and then travel to Tristan’s childhood home, St. Alban’s Abbey, looking for answers. To their horror, the Abbey has been burnt to the ground, the monks punished for keeping Tristan’s secret safe. The lone survivor is Father Tuck, who gives Tristan three letters destined to change his life… forever.

In this thrilling conclusion to Michael P. Spradlin’s fantastic The Youngest Templar trilogy, Tristan will finally discover who his parents really are, a question he has been asking his entire life.

This is a brilliant trilogy for teens who love adventure, historical fiction or simply want a great read – highly recommended for 14+. All three titles in the trilogy are now available instore; Keeper of the Grail, Trail of Fate, and Orphan of Destiny (all PB $15).


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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