The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen lives a difficult life in District 12. With her father gone, Katniss feeds her family by hunting illegally outside the sometimes-electrified fence that keeps all those in District 12 in their place. If she were caught, the punishment would be severe, as it is for all those causing too much trouble for the well-fed citizens of the Capitol. But not everyone is as talented as Katniss with a bow and arrow. Most of the citizens in District 12 are at the complete mercy of the Capitol. The rulers have absolute power and as a cruel reminder, the powers that be created the Hunger Games. Every year, each district must randomly select two Tributes, one boy and one girl, to fight to the death in a televised competition devised by the Gamemakers. This year, in order to save her little sister Primrose from the horrors of the arena, it is Katniss who must play the game. And so The Hunger Games begin…

The first book, The Hunger Games (PB $19), is the story of Katniss’ terrible time in the games arena. In the second, Catching Fire (PB $19), and third, Mockingjay (PB $19), books, the citizens of District 12 are put through yet another round of the Games. But things are slowly starting to change – the citizens have finally had enough of the Capitol’s terrible cruelty. Even though it might cost them everything, the citizens are starting to fight for their freedom.

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is an absolutely riveting story about greed and the price of absolute power. The citizens quickly learn how oppression and cruelty can bring out both the worst and the very best in people. It is up to the best of them to decide how to fight back, and ultimately, how to keep the hope alive.

Recommended for boys and girls 14+. Check out the book trailer below.


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