Shall we dance? Yes please Maggie Alderson!

Maggie Alderson is well known for writing fun, witty, enjoyable books with strong female characters. Shall we dance’s Loulou Landers is one of my favourites. A witty, vintage loving, almost-forty-nine year old, Loulou is a self made style icon and owner of the cult vintage shop Loulou Land in London. Her daughter Theo is a hilarious 20 year old who seems to be going through teenage rebellion a few years too late. The book alternates between Theo and Loulou’s perspectives which is what saves you from thinking Theo is as awful as the way she treats her mum would (sometimes) imply. This is a book about family and love, breaking your routine, and the rules. That, and a healthy serving of priceless vintage frocks (Loulou), fast fashion high street style (Theo), and several dangerous pairs of killer high heels. A great holiday read that sucks you into its world, high-heeled gumboots and all. Trade paperback, $32.95.



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