Dreaming of Chanel

In the beautiful Dreaming of Dior we got our first glimpse into the covetable clothing collection of Charlotte Smith. Bequeathed to her by her American godmother, the priceless vintage collection spans from 1790 to 1995, and by the looks of things, every single piece is positively dreamy. When Charlotte then found her godmother’s book of notes and stories about the dresses and the women who wore the fantastic pieces first, things got even better. The clothes became more than just great fashion, they were a collection of stories, written in dresses.

Once again illustrated by Grant Cowan, in Dreaming of Chanel (HB $35) Charlotte shares a few more stories and lets us delve a little deeper into fashion fantasy. A truly pretty book and a great gift for anyone who loves Chanel…or Dior..or Pucci…or Vionnet… the list is endless.

As a taste, click here for pictures featuring some beautiful clothes from the book launch which was in Sydney last night, courtesy of Dreaming of Chanel’s facebook page.


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