In a genre so well populated as supernatural romance, new arrivals can struggle to keep their heads above the crowd. But Rebecca Lim’s fantastic new series, Mercy, is certain to stand out.

Ever since she can remember, and even long before that, Mercy has been someone else. Never existing in her true form, Mercy must borrow her body from others, able to walk in anyone’s shoes except her own. Mercy used to be thoughtless with her carriers but now she is more careful as she pushes inside her hosts. Exiled from heaven and never knowing her true mission, Mercy is mysteriously moved in and out of bodies, cities and lives. But when she one day wakes up as Carmen, a slight, shy girl with bad skin and an extraordinary voice, Mercy wishes for once she could stay a little longer…

Mercy is an angel haunted by dreams of Luc and hunted by a host of angels determined to punish her for a crime she can’t remember committing…

A great new series full of mystery and romance – angels are the new vampires! The first book is available instore now, PB $20. Check out the book trailer below.


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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