Cobra by Frederick Forsyth

As I read the descriptions of lawlessness in various countries of South America in this book I had thoughts of ” yeah, yeah, good story but can it be like that really?”. Then I read in the Age of the new police chief in Praxedis, N.Mexico. A 20 yr old student Mother! The only person to apply for the job in a town in the state of Chihuahua, where the dogs come from and where 28,000 people have been killed in the last 4 yrs!!!!!!!!! In Praxedis there were 8 murders last week and the Mayor was killed in June. So maybe, in his latest book ‘The Cobra’, Frederick Forsyth isn’t exaggerating the behaviour of the drug cartels, one little bit.
The Cobra is a nickname for an agent hired by the top level of the US administration to stop the cocaine drug trade!! He considers for a while and says it can be done but will cost billions and he needs ‘carte blanche’ to spend the money as he sees fit, using whatever enforcement personnel he needs and enlisting international support as needed. He’s given the go ahead!
Ships and planes of all sizes are used to carry large amounts of cocaine to overseas markets where local gangs break it up and break it down to distribute at the street level, causing untold misery and making billions of dollars. The world drug trade involves more money than most countries’ GDP!
So the Cobra attacks!! The Cartels are hurting and confused; the gangs are angry and confused but the Cobra’s winning with the help of a few informers and policemen. The Cartels turn on each other and the gangs do likewise and mayhem hits the cities of USA and Europe, just as it has for years plagued the cities of Mexico, Colombia and elsewhere.
Can the war be sustained? Will the mayhem last? Will the cocaine trade be beaten? Frederick Forsyth presents a bizarre scenario of how it might just be done, if people are brave enough!!
Great thrilling reading – $32.95


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