Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Fans will be pleased to find that Jack Reacher survived at the end of 61 hours!  Who could have doubted it, for all sorts of reasons.  Although a follow-on, this isn’t really a sequel however.  There’s almost no reference to the action from 61 hrs except, maybe, that the new CO of the 110th special unit has caught his attention and that’s why he’s headed for Virginia. Passing through the flatlands of Nebraska he meets some folks suffering at the hands of the Duncan family.  Jack doesn’t like to see victims and doesn’t like bullies so feels obliged to lend a hand!

Apart from unfair business practices, stand-over tactics, bullying, criminal injury and damage, there’s an old, bad secret, festering away.

A little girl disappeared years ago and neither her body nor her bike were ever found!  The police, the State Police AND the FBI couldn’t find anything.  But some people think the Duncans took her and they haven’t forgotten.

As Jack Reacher just tries to help the little people he finds out about the secrets and knows he has to stay.  He could move on to Virginia any time but then he becomes a target too so he has to finish it.

He finishes it as only Jack Reacher can with great skill, ruthless efficiency and summary justice.  When he finds the truth about the little girl he discovers she’s not the only secret and is part of something much bigger,  he hands the clean up over to the law.  Then he’s heading for Virginia again!!


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