The Rosie Black Chronicles

Set in a world 500 hundred years from ours, The Rosie Black Chronicles are adventure with a difference. That far into the future, resources are scarce  and everything, even water, is manufactured –  natural comes at a price. Only those who are very rich, The Centrals, live comfortably. And Rosie and her father are far from rich. But Rosie’s struggle is even harder than most. When her mother is killed by MalX, a mutant strain of malaria, Rosie’s father battles to move on. Rosie often feels she is fending for herself. And just to make things even worse, when Rosie finds and opens a mysterious box, she sets off an unthinkable chain of events. An entire family is found dead, her father is captured and the only person Rosie can ask for help, her Aunt Essie, is still not back from outer space. With the help of the unfathomable Pip, Rosie must travel to the ends of the earth, and far far beyond, to unravel the secrets of the box and get her father back.

The first installment in this intriguing new series by Lara Morgan, Genesis (PB $24.95), is available instore now.


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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