The Roaring 20s are back, glitzier than ever!

Bright Young Things

By Anna Godbersen

rrp $19.95

It’s 1929 in New York City, where the town is ruled by the bright young things: flappers and socialites seeking thrills and chasing dreams in the anything-goes era of the roaring 20s.

Thrown into this heady mix of speakeasies, bootleggers and chorus  girls are small-town girls Cordelia Grey and Letty Larkspur, who escape their country upbringing for the bright lights of the city.  Both girls are hiding secret dreams, Cordelia is searching for the father she never knew, and Letty hopes to transform herself into a singing sensation.  But dreams never go according to plan…

Author Anna Godbersen, of the much loved The Luxe series, brings her same attention to detail and gorgeous period imagery to this new series, which will be the first of four.  The glamour of the fashionable 20s and the glittery metropolis that is New York in the 1920s is perfectly captured by Godbersen, but it is her effortless telling of the struggles of youth that make her fast-paced exciting books so enjoyable.  Letty and Cordelia quickly become embroiled in scandal, illicit love affairs and dizzying adventures before their fates come crashing for them…

This novel may be aimed at teenagers but this 30-something reviewer thinks it is the bees knees and the cat’s meow!

In store mid-October!


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