Six by Karen Tayleur; Six people, one car…

With six points of view, Six by Karen Tayleur could be overwhelmingly busy, but its not: With its solemn subject matter, Six could be just plain sad, but its not…

Sarah is the main story teller but Poppy, Cooper, Finn, Nico and Virginia all have a chapter. Alternating perspectives gives you some interesting insight into whats going on in these kids heads. Whilst reading this expect to feel compassion for the characters as well as disbelief and surprise. These kids aren’t all regular kids and their story is certainly anything BUT regular. Adolescent politics in the context of a very grown up problem is an interesting mix and makes for compelling reading.

This is a great book for teenagers heading towards the end of school trying to figure out who they are, what they’re doing next year and (most importantly) what to wear to the formal, all at once. Along with being a relatable read for the believable teenage characters, there’s a powerful message about safety along side insights into friendship, love and adolescence. PB, $19. Suggested Age 15 plus, despite being firmly in the young adult age group it is pretty gritty subject matter.


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