Still Life: Inside Scott and Shackleton’s huts

Hardback $ 79.95

This is a lovely book of photographs that, although taken recently by New Zealand’s Jane Ussher, take you back in time to the early years of the last century when men, dressed in wool and fur and housed in wooden sheds, endured years in the Antarctic, again and again, to be the ‘furthest south’ and try to be the first to reach the ultimate goal, The South Pole.  The huts the men built, in which to survive the worst winter climate on the planet, are preserved by the cold and extensive restoration and preservation work done by the Antarctic Heritage Trust over the years.  This book brings them to attention again just as the work of Ponting and Hurley did at the time.

It’s amazing to realise that so much is preserved as it was, with much help from the AHT, little changed or deteriorated after nearly 100 yrs!!  It’s the Centenary of Scott and Amundsen’s race to the pole next year.  Amundsen was first on Dec 14, 1911 but Scott made it too, tragically perishing with some of his companions before getting back to base.

Jane Ussher presents beautiful, emotive photographs of some flimsy ‘civilisation’ in a desolate, dangerous wilderness.  The text describes the scenes but also draws on the diaries of the explorers to enhance the sense of history.

A lovely book and a great gift, coming up to Christmas.  HB $79.95


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