Guest Blog #1 – Michael Pryor

To kick off our guest blog series, local young adult fantasy author Michael Pryor (creator of The Laws of Magic series) has some top tips for young fantasy readers. Ask instore to check out any of his recommendations!

Read his guest blog below…

We are living in joyous days for readers of Young Adult Fantasy. Recently, it was pointed out that most books read by Young Adults are Fantasy, which means that instead of being a small sub-section of the book universe, Fantasy is actually now the mainstream!

While this is wonderful for Fantasy readers, with so much being published the challenge is to find the gold, the best of the best. Fortunately, in Australia we a have some remarkable writers who are producing a vast range of dazzling and exciting books for all tastes. Here’s my sampling of some of the most recent gems for teen readers.

Cassandra Golds ( has written a number of gorgeous mystical novels such as The Museum of Mary Child and Clair-de-Lune and she has just released The Three Loves of Persimmon, a haunting and moving fable about life, and love, and talking mice.

Ben Chandler is a new young author who has arrived with a splash. Quillblade is the rollicking tale Lenis and Missy who are enslaved on an airship, but form a bond with the mysterious creatures that power it. With elements of steampunk and anime, Quillblade is a sure fire hit. See for more.

Did someone say Steampunk? I hope no-one has missed out on Richard Harland’s Worldshaker. Packed full of adventure with moving cities, dastardly villains and dark secrets, the sequel Liberator is coming soon! Details on Richard’s website:

Another of our finest writers is Kate Forsyth and her latest book is The Wildkin’s Curse, which is a tale of true love and high adventure, set in a world of magic and monsters, valiant heroes and wicked villains. It tells the story of two boys and a girl who undertake the impossible task of rescuing a wildkin princess imprisoned in a crystal tower. This is a superb book for both girls and boys, 13+. Kate has more information on

What a talented family Kate belongs to! Her sister, Belinda Murrell has just released The Ruby Talisman, her own fascinating Fantasy novel, a timeslip adventure set in 18th century France, full of fascinating historical detail, with characters that are lovable and memorable.

I’m afraid I’ve only scratched the surface. What about Jen Storer (Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children), Michelle Cooper (The Fitzosbornes In Exile), Catherine Jinks (The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group), Karen Healey (Guardian of the Dead) and Leanne Hall (This is Shyness)? All wonderful, all widely varied, all Australian and all well worth checking out.

We live in wondrous times when we have such riches before us.

Michael Pryor


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