Monstrum House Create Your Own Monster Competition

Enter the Fairfield Books Monstrum House Colouring Competition NOW! Collect a form instore, create your own fabulous monster and return your entry to us by October 15th. May the the scariest monster win!

Monstrum House is a fantastic series by local author Zana Fraillon. Out now are Locked In, Creeped Out, Sucked Under and Taken Over (all PB $14.95).

Jasper McPhee is a bit of a trouble maker. Having attended, and been kicked out of, three schools in just over a year, Jasper’s record just doesn’t look good. As a last resort, Jasper’s mum sends him to the Monstrum House School for Troubled Children. For an entire year. Jasper has no doubt this will be the worst year ever, especially as he isn’t allowed to see his family or friends until his time at Monstrum House is up.

At a school where students have to stand barefoot in the snow every day and the teachers can read your mind, there’s no telling what monsters lie beneath.

Monstrum House is recommended for kids 8+


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