The Half-child by Angela Savage

The Half-child is the second book by Angela Savage featuring the Private Investigator Jayne Keeney.  Jayne is an expatriate Australian working in Bangkok.  She speaks the local language, but doesn’t always admit that, as it often gives her an advantage when working if people don’t realise she can understand the conversation.  She is hired by an Australian business man to investigate the death of his daughter as he in unsatisfied with the job the local police did.  They ruled Maryanne’s death a suicide, but Jim Delbeck doesn’t believe his daughter would do that.  The investigation takes Jayne to Pattaya and Kanchanaburi as she delves into the seedy world of tourist bars and prostitution trying to solve the mystery.  Unexpectedly she turns up a child adoption racket run by an evangelist preacher who in intent on ‘saving’ the children from their unworthy mothers.  A feisty heroine, inter-racial relations and crime all set in one of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations, makes for an entertaining read.  Heather. $32.95


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