Trash is an adventure like no other. Raphael, Gardo and Jun-Jun (aka Rat) are children of Behala. Behala is full of rubbish, literally. It is the place all the rubbish from their entire city ends up. The boys spend their days wading and sorting through trash so they can sell it on and make just enough to get by. Mostly they find exactly what you would expect – trash. But sometimes, they strike lucky. And Raphael just struck about as lucky as you can get. But his find isn’t as simple as he would like. The mysterious wallet leads him and his friends all over the city, to a prison and through a cemetery. But the boys know they have to keep going if they are to win the ultimate prize.

This is a moving story about lives so different from our own it’s startling. Well written and with beautifully believable characters, Andy Mulligan’sTrash will truly make you think.

Recommended for kids 13+. PB $24.95


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