Five Parts Dead by Tim Pegler

Five parts dead starts with Dan recovering from a road crash in which three of his best mates were killed.  A too common situation of youth, drink and recklessness.  Dan is wracked with guilt over the incident, even though he wasn’t driving, and hadn’t even wanted to be in the car at all.  His family, including his twin sister Mel and her best friend Pip go on a holiday to a remote island, and there Dan starts dreaming about another tragedy that had occurred on the island over 150 years before.  At the same time, Dan is suddenly noticing Pip in a different way, no longer just as his sister’s friend.  Out of all this confusion, Dan confronts some of his own feelings about the accident and his part in it, and the unexpected role Pip now has in his life.  The adults in the story are peripheral, providing love, reassurance and transport without taking much part in any of the action.  This is a good book to recommend to teen boys and girls 14 up. $19.95


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Filed under Reviews, Young Adult (14+)

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