Same great writing, all new mythology!!!

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (PB $19.95)

Rick Riordan is back with whole new stories to tell; The Kane Chronicles! After bringing us the sensational Percy Jackson series that revolved around Greek mythology, his new book centres around Egypt.

Told from the perspectives of brother and sister team Carter and Sadie Kane, The Red Pyramid is action packed with mystery, mythology and monsters! Riordan has clearly done his research and the ancient relics and gods are fascinating! The characters are as always diverse and interesting and even though this is only book 1, you will become attached to them very quickly.

Riordan sends us from England to Cairo to Paris to America on a quest that can be dramatic and funny and heartwarming. Fans of Percy Jackson will love this new series and be hanging out for book 2 as soon as they put it down!!!

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