Ruby Stanhope has been fired. By email.

“When I was here at 1.20am today, eating lukewarm salmon teriyaki alone at my desk to the sound of vacuuming – having missed yet another dental appointment, another gym session, another dinner with my sister, another opportunity to meet a future partner – I was comforted by the fact the fact that while I might die fat, friendless and alone of a tooth infection, I would die a valued employee of this bank, which employed my father and his before him.”

Her email (excerpt above) in reply is about to go viral. This is her story.

When I picked up Campaign Ruby, a political fiction written by former PM’s daughter Jessica Rudd, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for. I wasn’t sure how political it was going to be and I was really a little bit apprenhensive. Not very far in I knew I was in for a pleasant surprise. A well paced, light, entertaining novel about a headstrong, restless Brit with a penchant for To Do lists thrown into an Australian election campaign. There was a particularly eerie parallel with real life, an unelected female prime minister, that initially kind of annoyed me until I realised that the book must’ve been written before that actually happened. Other than that, Campaign Ruby carefully avoids any delineation of political parties or positions being much more about Ruby (or Roo as she becomes known) than party policy.

A story of what one girl did when life threw her unexpectedly for a loop, and she accidentally bought a plane ticket to Melbourne. From problems with visas, wardrobe and boys, this is a fun read that doesn’t knock you over the head with politics. In fact, I learnt a little bit more about what its like behind the scenes on a campaign, written with the assurance of someone who actually knows what she’s talking about.

Jessica Rudd was treading a fine line with this one but she did it very well and the result is a fun, readable and interesting novel. $32.95


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