Knit-a-square charity

This isn’t anything to do with books, but I heard about this on the ABC last night, and I think it is a wonderful idea.  There are thousands of aids orphans in South Africa, and a charity has been set up to give these children blankets.  The idea is that people can knit or crochet a 20cm square and send them to the organisation, which then arranges to have them sewn together into blankets.    The website gives details of what is required, and also has a knitting pattern for a simple jumper and a hat, which can also be useful.  I think it is a easy, practical and inspiring idea.  I love knitting, but don’t always have a project, and this idea is portable and easy.   The site is     So pass it on to all your crafty friends, and help those children.

Cheers, Heather



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2 responses to “Knit-a-square charity

  1. How lovely to find your warm invitation for your readers work with us to provide warmth for these children. What is rather special about finding your comment is that you are in Fairfield and as the originators of the charity we are in the next door suburb in Ivanhoe!

    We are greatly excited to have had this publicity for the work we are doing and the connection to Nelson Mandela is a great honor.

    We also have a warm and friendly forum, who will help anyone wanting to knit but needing a bit of help. We run challenges every month which add a bit of inspiration to our knitting (we have reached over 100,000 squares now) and we also knit and crochet hats and jumpers. Lots of stories in the ezine on the site. Happy knitting and please feel free to contact us for any further information. Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you for your reply Sandy, and I hope that people will get knitting. It is extraordinary that you are in Ivanhoe. We live in Heidelberg, and have had businesses in Ivanhoe, and our daughters went to school in Ivanhoe. It takes the internet to show us how small the world is. I think the charity is a wonderful idea, and to be able to do something practical, but manageable is terrific. Sometimes the problems seem to big to address, which makes small projects like this so valuable. Best wishes, Heather

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