New books coming up

Probably the best part of my job is finding out about new books that are coming up, and getting to read them before publication.

Some new titles that I am very happy to see coming soon are;

Kate Atkinson, Started early, took my dog.   It features her hero Jackson Brodie again, and he is a very likeable creation.  If you haven’t read any of these books, the first one is Case Histories.  If you like crime, but really well written crime with well developed characters, it is definately worth trying.  It is coming out in September

Don Winslow, Savages.   This is another book involving drug cartels, this time in Mexico.  His previous drug cartel thriller, The Power of the Dog.  was largely about South America, and I tell you, you DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH THOSE GUYS.  It was very violent, and so is this one.  But again, good writing.   This one is coming in August.

Lee Child,  Worth Dying for.    If you read 61 hours which came out in March this year, you will know that it ended with  a cliff-hanger.  What was going to happen to Jack Reacher?   Lee Child is going to end the suspense in October this year.  Child usually only produces one book a year, so this is a treat for the fans.

If you would like to pre-order any of the above titles, email or ring us, or leave a comment on the blog, and we will reserve a copy for you.  They are all $32.95

Happy reading, Heather


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