Nikko and Thetis have never had an easy life, and when they are taken from their village by Orkestres, an acrobat to the High King, they do not know what to expect. Impressed by the siblings when he sees them playing, Orkestres believes he can train Nikko and Thetis to perform for the High King. The pair works hard, learning, under the guidance of Orkestres and his wife Dora, to flip and tumble as though gravity does not apply to them. And though Thetis never speaks, it soon becomes clear she can fly through the air like a butterfly. Nikko cannot fly, but he can give his sister music and shoulders to land on. It is only because she knows her brother will always catch her that Thetis can fly so high.

With their lives depending on it, Nikko and Thetis must impress the King – failing to do so would mean the end of their stay at the Mycenaean court and even worse, to fall would mean death. But then the normally silent Thetis speaks the unspeakable, and prophesises about the King’s imminent death. Knowing his sister like he does, Nikko is concerned Thetis might be right, but before he can decide what to believe, Thetis is banished from the court. With the help of the irrepressible Euridice, Nikko must search for Thetis, committed to protect her until the end.

Jackie French’s latest novel is an intriguing story that has it all – mystery, history and mythology. Nikko’s story will draw you in and keep you guessing until the very end.

Recommended for teens 13+. Paperback, $17.


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