Flat Stanley

Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley is the entertaining story of a boy only half an inch thick. After being flattened one night by a rogue bulletin board, Stanley Lambchop is as flat as a pancake. Far from being a problem, Stanley finds there are many advantages to being flat. He can go from room to room without opening doors, find his mother’s ring when it is dropped through a grate in the street, and even manages to save his parents the cost of an airfare when he posts himself to visit his friend Thomas Anthony Jeffrey all the way in California. Stanley, pretending to be a painting, even manages to catch the sneak art thieves!

With great illustrations by Scott Nash, Flat Stanley is an old favourite and perfect for first readers 6 – 9.

Available now instore are Flat Stanley, Invisible Stanley and Stanley, Flat Again! (all PB $9.95).



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3 responses to “Flat Stanley

  1. A couple of years ago, a friend in Canada was reading Flat Stanley to her class and then the class sent Stanley to us. My family had a fun time carting him all over the place, taking him to the beach, to pat a koala, bushwalking… sending back postcards and photos and then finally returning him with his ‘diary’ and souvenir Aussie stickers for all. Some books are just so much fun!

    • Hi Sandy, many moons ago I was a children’s librarian, and we had a session once where we had huge pieces of paper which the children lay on, and they took turns in drawing around the outlines of their body. They loved it. It is a fond memory of mine. Jess, who wrote the blog is now an adult, but remembers the books from her childhood. It is great that they have been reissued, but with a retro look.

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