Get those girls reading…

When we were re-organising our childrens’ stock recently to accommodate some new releases we noticed that we had a row of display bins of new titles, all of which were for boys.  Sure girls could read them, but not many girls would have been attracted to them.  It is interesting how publishing goes in cycles.  Then the Bindi Irwin Wildlife Adventures arrived, and no don’t groan, they are actually  good little stories featuring animals, and suitable for girls and boys seven years and up.  Now there is another series I can recommend which has a female character.  EJ12 Girl Hero, AKA Emma Jacks was recruited to the spy agency SHINE after she won a Maths competition, and is sent on missions, and has to crack codes, and generally do interesting things.   She is also in a band and loves singing and playing guitar.  Suitable for 8 years up.  Both series are worth a look, and are $13 each.


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