Magnifique Paris, the City of Light!

Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris

By Graham Robb

HB $50

With biographies of Balzac and Victor Hugo under his belt, francophile Graham Robb is more than qualified to present us with a modern history of Paris, as told by Parisians themselves.

Robb’s gifted and intelligent story telling takes the form of long anecdotes of famous people in real situations beyond imagining.   It begins at the dawn of the French revolution, and ends with the events of only a few months previous.

As spoken by Robb himself:

The idea was to create a kind of mini-Human Comedy of Paris, in which the history of the city would be illuminated  by the real experience of its inhabitants.  Each tale is true, and each is complete in itself…

The entertaining and detailed stories include pieces about Proust, Miles Davis, Hitler, to modern and influential rulers such as president Francois Mitterrand.  We meet scientists, soldiers, spies, and philosophers, prisoners and prostitutes.  Parisians is both a travel and history guide, yet also part memoir, part mystery- but always a brilliant read.

In store now!


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