Spying on Words!

Mondegreens, euphemisms, malapropisms, portmanteaus, onomatapoeias, spoonerisms, pangrams, lipograms, palindromes, mnemonics, oxymorons and many other expressions are all explained, lightly and entertainingly in these two books about English words and language.

There are even sections on some other languages like Esperanto, Braille, Pidgin, Tok Pisin.

Helpfully, there are good sections on spelling, grammar, punctuation and other useful stuff, all presented in a light hearted and approachable way.  You can learn more about the alphabet, acronyms, abbreviations, codes and of course, words, some new and some dying!  If you work too hard at it though you might be forswunk! But if you moffle don’t whingle! The welkin won’t fall in!  All is explained in the RETURN OF THE WORD SPY.  I would have liked a decent index in each volume but you can’t have everything!

These books are directed at children but are useful for ‘children’ of all ages who have forgotten how to parse a sentence or perhaps never learned!

Both books are neat little hard backs by Ursula Dubosarsky for $24.95


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