April Underhill, Tooth Fairy

From the author of some of our favourite kids picture books, including Let’s Get A Pup! and Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten (both PB $15.95), comes a new charming story.

April Underhill is a trainee tooth fairy. When someone specially requests that she and her little sister, Esme, pick up a tooth, April promises to be there, even though she’s only seven. Their parents think the girls are far too young to be making tooth-collecting trips alone. April helpfully point out that Mum was only six when she made her first solo mission. Mum says that was totally different and anyway the freeway wasn’t built yet then. But the girls promised, so go they must, over the freeway to Parkville and all the way back again, bringing the tooth home, safe and sound.

Bob Graham is a master and this latest offering does not disappoint – the story and illustrations are as cute as ever!

April Underhill, Tooth Fairy (HB $27.95) is available now and recommended for kids 3+.


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