Love that lasts more than a lifetime.

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares.

Ann Brashares is a name associated mostly with a series of books for teenage girls about a pair of very special pants. But that idea should be left behind immediately as her new novel My Name is Memory is quite a departure from that genre, though it is still a story about love. This is an epic, transcendent romance about Daniel, a boy with an extremely unusual memory and the girl he’s met and fallen in love with over and over and over . With a strong influence of reincarnation this book is a bit mind-bending… but in a good way. Daniel is a soul whose been living and dying for thousands of years. But what’s unusual, is he remembers it all. He himself introduces the concept by describing his memory as undoubtedly extraordinary, but not perfect.

Also blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the ability to recognise souls from life to life, Daniel is on a journey that has spanned almost as many countries as it has years. His mother in one life will be his sister in the next, and then his teacher, or maybe she’s an old girlfriend from a past life (bit weird, he knows). It’s enough to make your brain curdle.

But Daniel’s not the only one with the memory. And his brother from his first life takes holding a grudge to a whole new level. Thousands of years is a long time for love, but an even longer time for hate.

I’d highly recommend it for someone looking for an enjoyable, page-turning story of enduring love with an unusual bent. I’m not someone whose that into romance itself as a genre, but this book drew even me in. I’m also tipping that we’ll be hearing about a film in the near future.

Out now in trade paperback format ($33).



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