Spirit Bound

The fifth book is Richelle Mead’s highly entertaining Vampire Academy series has finally arrived!

In Spirit Bound (PB $19.95), Rose has returned to St. Vladimir’s after a long and heartbreaking journey to Siberia, the birthplace of the man she loves, Dimitri. She and Lissa are about to graduate and can’t wait to start their new lives, but Rose can’t shake Dimitri from her mind. The promise she made him before he was a Strigoi haunts her and while she knows Dimitri is still out there, Rose can’t rest. And this time, Dimitri knows she will be coming…

To complicate things even further, Rose has just discovered a tempting but dangerous possibility. She has heard whispers of a kind of rare magic that could bring Dimitri back from the brink of evil. A kind of magic that Lissa has the potential to perform, but only with disastrous consequences. Will Rose risk her best friend for true love?

Recommended for vampire lovers 13+.

The first four books in the series, Vampire Academy (PB $16.95), Frostbite (PB $16.95), Shadow Kiss (PB $16.95) and Blood Promise (PB $19.95) are also available instore now.


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